About Us

Inspired by his love of nature and outdoor pursuits, Kihak Sung founded Youngone Corporation in 1974. Chairman Sung’s commitment to the environment, and an unrelenting standard of quality, have provided the long term vision and standards for our company’s philosophies. As a result, Youngone continues to be known as a pioneer in the outdoor industry, with the continuous improvement of our people and products at the heart of our operations.

Boulder, Colorado

Youngone began manufacturing sportswear and down jackets in Seongnam, South Korea and has since grown to become the premier manufacturer of outdoor apparel, footwear and gear. Today, we own and operate production facilities in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and El Salvador. More importantly, through the more than 70,000 people we directly employ, we touch the families and communities that have supported our growth for over 40 years. This integrated support system has enabled us to play an important role in the socio-economic development of the countries we work in. Our broad product and service portfolio depends on continuous investment in our people and has contributed to Youngone’s exceptionally diversified group.

To further enhance our capabilities and to encourage and support vertical manufacturing, the materials division was launched. We produce both woven and knit fabrics as well as a variety of insulations that are vertically integrated into the manufacturing process. This allows us to meet the ever changing needs of our customers by shortening lead times and improving quality control. It also helps decrease the carbon footprint required in long haul transportation of materials around the world, which is an important value to our company and our customers.